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Meet the experts

Our team of six all-stars come from many different backgrounds to share their wide experience in the hair loss industry with our customers. Our team is passionate about creating amazing transformations, day in and day out.





Director/Owner/Hair Extensionist/Hair Loss Specialist/Wig Maker/International Trained Educator

With 18 years knowledge of the hair loss/hair extension industry and suffering hair loss herself, Paula is passionate about hair loss, hair extensions and wig making

All consultations are completed by our Director/Owner Paula

Paula previously worked as a NHS Manager in General Practice.  Her own research showed (based on a patient list size of over 100k patients over 4 GP practices) that GP's provided little or no support to patients visiting them for hair loss issues.  1% of patients were referred to Dermatology for further investigations and only 2% were referred for blood analysis. The remaining 97% were giving leaflets and informed that no further help could be offered.

This was a shocking discovery, as ladies hair loss can not only effect the way you see yourself in the mirror but how it can make you feel inside too.  It can effect your confidence, self-esteem and also your mental health.


Therefore in April 2018, Paula decided to walk away from her 25 year career in the NHS and establish Godiva Hair Loss & Wig Specialists.

We strieve to build up ladies confidence and self esteem, as we believe that every lady deserves to look and feel beautiful, inside and out.



Business Manager

Ellie is the rock and the foundation to the business.  Busy working in the background making all Godiva's services and brands run as smoothly as possible.

She is chief accountant, buyer, communicator, social media expert, website builder, training coordinator, appointment scheduler, stock taker to name but a few many of her essential tasks.



Hairdresser/Hair Extensionist/Hair Loss Specialist/Wig Maker

Bella is our hair colourist as well as hair extensionist and hair loss specialists she is passionate about leaving a smile on our clients faces with her amazing hair transformations.
She believes in only the best products to achieve the healthiest glow to both your natural hair and extension hair.
Bella has also mastered the art of our famous Godiva bouncy, glossy curls.


Demi Surr

Hair Extensionist/Trainee Hairdresser/Hair Loss Specialists/Wig Maker

Demi is a highly skilled hair extensionist offering Secret Weave, Godiva Weave and Nano ring methods.  She is expertly trained to complete our famous Godiva Mesh Perimeter Systems and Godiva Royale Systems.


Jess Harris

Hair Extensionist/Hairdresser/Hair Loss Specialists/Wig Maker/Mens Hair Loss Specialists

Jess is an our expert in our Men's Hair Replacement systems.  But is also multi talented and offers her skills in the ladies department too.  Offering the Godiva Royale Systems, Godiva Perimeter Systems, Wig making and hair extension installations.

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