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Trademarked by Godiva
(If you have learnt one of our trademark methods, the company must be tagged in all of your posts & the rights to the training method are protected by Godiva and its trademark)

Designed for women with moderate hair loss (up to 70%), thinning hair or ladies needing their hair to recover.

Previous hair extension or weft experience an advantage.

£995 - Learn within the Training Academy
£895 - Online


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Please note the The Godiva Crown System must be completed and have 6 months experience before moving onto the Godiva Crown Advanced System Course.


We provide training to students in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia & Europe.

Please complete your research regarding Mesh Integrations Courses, we are contacted by many students requesting a refresher with us as they did not gain the knowledge or experience from a previous course provider.


Do you want to stand out from the crowd and provide a hair loss service like no other?

Are you ready for a challenge that will provide you with so many rewards.

Are you wanting to help ladies with hair loss and provide them with a new found confidence?

Do you have hair extension clients who aren't suitable for hair extension methods anymore?

Do you have clients with thin hair, receding hairlines, bald patches, Alopecia, Post Chemotherapy clients, Trichotillomania?

Do you want full appointment books week in week out?

Then it's time to learn 'The Godiva Crown System and take the extra step to learn our unique method that makes us stand out from the crowd and have 6 month waiting lists.

The Godiva Crown System is unique to Godiva Hair Loss Specialists, the mesh integration has been adapted over time with the experience of many years of hair loss appointments.  We now use our own unique threading, knotting and mesh connection techniques that have been solely created by Godiva Hair Loss & Wig Specialists and is trade marked to The Godiva Crown System.

Perfect for ladies with the following conditions:

Alopecia, Telegenic Effluvium, Post Chemotherapy, Trichotillomania, Medication related hair loss, Diet related hair loss, Child birth & pregnancy hair loss, Menopause related hair loss, Age related hair loss, Male pattern baldness, Receding hair line, Hereditary hair loss.

Our Godiva Crown Systems are a perfect solution to help mask the issue and help your client feel more confident on a daily basis.

Our Godiva Crown Systems are designed to fit comfortably on top of the clients existing hair secured with silicone lined rings.  Master partings and wefts are then attached to the mesh system to create a discreet and very real looking head of hair.

The beauty of this technique is the freedom it gives the client as it looks and feels like real hair.  The Godiva Crown Systems can be washed, brushed, straightened, curled and styled as you would normally.  All our master partings and wefts are made from 100% Russian human hair and they have a lifespan of up to 6 - 12 months.


Course content


Kit requirements

Quality toppers, master partings, closures and weft hair extensions


Strand test

Health & Safety


Client consultations

Hair type and grading of hair extensions

Colour matching

Hair preparation before fitting hair extensions

The Godiva Crown System - Mesh Integration application step by step guide

Cutting and blending hair extensions

Removal process



Problem solving

Final stages of mesh integration training

Setting up your own business.

Kit Contents (included with the course)

Training head

Training head stand

Hair Extension pliers

Micro rings

Curved needle

Hair extension thread

Looping tools


Stitch Cutters

Mesh integration hook

Professional tail comb

Sectioning clips

Hair clips

Real hair topper

Weft training hair


Kit bag

Course manual

Framed Certificate (for group or 1 to 1 training)

This course gives you the full collection to the Godiva Crown System with 17 tutorial videos showing you our unique trademarked method to help ladies with up to 70% hair loss.  Our Godiva Director has sectioned the training into the following categories for you to watch as many times as you wish, pause and complete at your own leisure.  

Your purchase will include the following video's, manual and case study document.

Kit requirements

Threads and Tools

Client consultations

Hair quality

Phase 1

Phase 2

Trimming the mesh

Anchoring the mesh

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Master Parting fitting

Pinch forward

Maintenance & removal



Hints, tips and products

All our courses are ABT accredited and recognised internationally.  Which allows students to receive fully covered insurance packages and trade discounts with hair suppliers.


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