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Godiva Nano, Micro Rings & Mini Tips
Course 13


Learn the art of creating amazing transformations with our popular ring family methods Nano, Micro rings & Mini tips

No previous experience necessary.

£495 - 1 TO 1 TRAINING
£395 - ONLINE


Godiva Ring Methods Training (Nano, Micro & Mini Tips)


The ring method is a great strand by strand hair extension method.  There are attached with tiny rings that come in several colours for a close match to the root hair shade.  They come in different sizes for different hair textures.  The rings are made of metal, normally copper/nickel or aluminum and lined with silicone for extra grip and damage prevention to the natural hair.  This is an excellent hair extension method that does not use any heat or glue, they are a good alternative for those who do not wish to have fusion bonded or sew in methods.  They are popular as they only need 12 week maintenance appointments and the strands can be reused over and over again without re-tipping.


After many years of research into looking for the best and safest hair extension attachment method, we believe by using tiny rings to attach to your nature hair is one of the safest and most discreet method.


Why is this safe? Because there are no chemicals. No glue. No heat. No damage to the natural hair. Hot or cold fusion methods use chemical agents. Extensions are glued, and this sometimes can be a disaster for your hair and scalp. The keratin removal can be very damaging and leave severe consequences.


Ring methods are safe, secure, discrete and almost invisible when hidden underneath your natural hair. Our rings are offered in a multitude of colours and can match any possible hair colour.  A correctly fitted set will be invisible and will be absolutely secure and safe.

There is no damage to the natural hair and your own hair can grow thicker, stronger and healthier.

Course content

Kit requirements

Quality weft hair extensions


Strand test

Health & Safety


Client consultations

Hair type and grading of hair extensions

Colour matching

Hair preparation before fitting hair extensions

Placement of the hair extensions

Sectioning hair

Godiva Secret Nano, Micro & Mini Tips application step by step guide

Cutting and blending hair extensions

Removal process



Problem solving

Final stages of hair extension training

Setting up your own business.


Kit Contents (included with the course)

Training head

Training head stand

Hair Extension pliers

Micro rings

Nano rings

Mini tip rings

Looping tools


Professional tail comb

Sectioning clips

Hair clips

Nano training hair

Stick tip training hair

Kit bag

Course manual

Emailed certificate for online & Zoom

Framed Certificate (for group or 1 to 1 training)

This course gives you the full collection to the Godiva Nano, Micro ring & Mini tip methods with 13 tutorial videos showing you our unique application methods.  Our Godiva Director has sectioned the training into the following categories for you to watch as many times as you wish, pause and complete at your own leisure.  

Your purchase will include the following video's, manual and case study document.

Kit requirements

Hair quality

Client consultations


Nano Ring application

Nano Ring maintenance

Micro Ring Phase 1

Micro Ring Phase 2

Micro Ring maintenance

Mini tip application

Cutting, blending & Styling


Hints, tips and products

All our courses are ABT accredited and recognised internationally.  Which allows students to receive fully covered insurance packages and trade discounts with hair suppliers.


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